A couple of pieces I had to keep for my living room

When I started on this dark wood dresser with no knobs I had every intention to take to my booth and sell, but as she came along and my husband found the coolest vintage knobs....well sometime between last night at her completion and early in the wee hours of the morning I found a place to put her, she is mine!  I am redoing my living room and will show pics of everything upon completion but here is a little corner with my farmhouse dresser and my mason ball jar window.

                        Her beadboard siding is just awesome, she is on original caster wheels
I cannot let her go at least not for now... There is a french provencial highboy in the garage that when done
may be tempting but for now the farmhouse touch with all the other french is calming me and making me smile.

I also had every intention of taking a large fireplace mantle to Uniques.........as she came along I pulled her into the living room and wala,  now keep in mind I am shooting with a phone and my ceiling is very dark soon to be Benjamin Moore "French Canvas" and I am painting my ............. off to get money for a chandelier I am drooling over, I am sewing some slipcovers, curtains and pillows but here is a peek of the look

I popped the mantle up on the brick my hubby said how did you get it up there by yourself, drag on blanket.......lift one end then the other, girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. He did support it last night with L brackets I put the ole 1940's mirror that we had in our other home for 8 years , sold it at yard sale  found 8 years later in local antique booth and bought again.......

Popped the tv on a french provencial server.....I like the look and it is on wheels so can be angled turned etc.

This table is painted grey and we found a cutting board at yard sale that is marbled grey and fits the bottom perfectly!  Pineapple crocheted doily was my great Grannies and the scale says old Kentucky home and she lived in Kentucky!  I had found this scale last year at the Ruby Grace booth at Lonestar, I will never let this one go.

I will be painting ceilings and doing much more to the room I will post as I go and hopefully talk my sis with her wonderful camera and skills into taking some real pictures!!

Thanks for looking off to hang lavender stalks on my provence blue shutters that will flank the windows!

Happy day!

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