A Custom Painted Hutch/and News of my 200th blog post celebration

I wanted to show a piece of custom work that I did for Yoly the owner of Uniques Gallery In Roanoke Texas.  She picked the colors and told me she wanted it heavily distressed and Antiqued.  We did mix the color a little to get the right shade.

I love doing custom work but there is that moment when you show the client and you are like.......what if they hate it?  When Yoly saw it she said I was reading her mind.  It was fun stepping outside of my box of French/Shabby/Prairie colors and doing something in a Salmon, custom work brings all different things to the board that I may not normally do. I just wanted to share, Yoly has this cabinet for sale at Uniques Gallery the address is under my retail locations.

It is so hard getting a picture facing a glass window but this hutch was dark and now everything inside it really stands out.

Salmon and white with antiquing and distress

still has original key, lots of little detail work in white, the back walls are mirrored

I was thrilled that she said I was reading her mind and I do have a few more custom orders in the works
I do like how sometimes I am requested to work with a pallet that I would not have picked it helps add variety to my portfolio.

My next Post will be my 200th post.  I feel that will be a milestone I want to celebrate with a giveaway so please come back to check it out I want to make it a special one!  Come celebrate with me.  Blogging can be very fun and  bring lots of friends and opportunity's in  your life and help you have a diary of your work/thoughts/dreams, but there are times and days out of the 200 post where you are saying just what am I doing this for?  Especially when there are days where you get no comments, but somehow you feel compelled to keep on blogging,

I hope to share with you soon a wonderful opportunity I have received from being a blogger a fun wonderful situation that would have never happened if I did not hang in there.

  I have had people see things on my blog and ship things to England, Australia, aprons for Bibi's patissiere in Louisianna, things that would have not happened without a blog.  Customers have emailed and asked me to put a piece of furniture on hold before I even took it in the  shop, I had customers drive 6 hours from seeing something on my blog and meet me down at the shop, it has really opened up my little world and made it bigger.  I also do think when you are sharing with others you benefit by waking up and seeing things more creatively, you live your life a little more artistic and creative to have something to say........your  cup truly is half full instead of half empty.

So come join me on my next post my "200th" and I will have some goodies to share!!

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