A few more touches of blue

Over the weekend I have been moving into my new booth at Uniques Gallery Roanoke, TX.  I have a ways to go if you have ever setup a booth before it seems in goes in layers.  My booths take a few weeks to feel totally complete.  Layer one is done, Walls are built from vintage shabby chippy doors with just one big ole beautiful lead glass door surrounded by years of layers of chippy white beauty on the other doors.  I painted a large dresser in Arles and white and have many more items I put in, but I had left my camera at home and neglected to get pictures.......I will on Tuesday. 

So till then I wanted to share some more photo's that inspire me with Just a touch of blue!
This picture inspired me to no end.  I love everything about this room and would probably just die if I had that sofa!!

A beautiful statement just a splash of deep color against white!!

My doors that are surrounding my Deep blue lead glass door have patina that bears resemblance to this picture

Just because, ain't it cute?

Love an ole blue stove!

Love the splash of deep blue!

This island color is beautiful

I'll be back tomorrow with more!


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