A little Gift and a big smile from The Robin and Sparrow!

Last week I got a note from a blogger friend Clare at The Robin and Sparrow that I had won her giveaway and that she had a little something for me in the mail.

Now we all know how much fun it is waiting and anticipating for something in the mail a gift just for us!
And this could not have come at a better time for me, so next day I got a box.........

and I opened it and

She had sent me a beautiful Lavender Sachet Pillow and some French tags.........just lovely
The box smelled of lavender and Lavender is my favorite scent

Look at the details on the beautiful lavender pillow sachet, french tower and vintage button with silk ribbon.

I have a ceiling fan right above this spot and it is stirring the lavender scent throughout the room

The back is as beautiful as the front

Even her trademark tag is classy and adorable!

I love the texture of the back

Her calling card, please go check her out she has a wonderful blog and several etsy shops.

Thank you Clare, this so called lil gift for me was such a treat and my shabby sunroom smells of fresh lavender!


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