A Quick Hello!!

Hi All, I have been so busy with the retail location, and the etsy location that my blog needs a little more attention.  I have poured all my christmas scents last week. They are fully cured am labeling today will have in retail and online this week.  I  am thrilled with scent throws on the new scents Vanilla sandalwood did not make thI am burning fig this morning as I label and am truly in love........it will make it in the all year round line as it is a sophisticated scent good for any time of year.

I am working on labeling, photographing and listing all the new scents just wanted to stop in with a quick Hello!

this is where I will be all day working smelling my Fig Candle as I work it is amazing ya'll I am thrilled with it I am also thrilled with my new "Happy" Tart melts that are going in another area have been in burner for a few days and I still smell when walking in the room  Clinique Happy is my favorite fragrance to wear why not put a little around the house!!

Cured and ready to label, shoot and list, stocking retail location Friday, Trying to make Every Friday my retail stock/spruce up location day want to go early and give myself time to be able to eat at our wonderful new Mason and Dixie Cafe as a treat for a week of hard work!

Hope you are emjoying your week!

Have a wonderful Day all


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