A real good Week for selling furniture

One is always a little nervous when starting a new venture.  I got back into the business three months ago by opening up a booth at Pickers Point Keller TX and have been selling so well that I opened a second booth at Uniques in Roanoke TX five days ago.....well my pickers point booth sold 6 pieces of furniture this week and my Uniques booth sold a sofa table that had linen stools and a large mirror immediately, I have only been there for five days!!  Thanks wonderful customers!  I am posting a picture of my first items that sold at Uniques before I go add a french provencial piece tomorrow! 

Goodbye Drexel Italian sofa table with drawer and two linen covered stools, I  painted in AS chalk paint old white,  goodbye mirror in the corner painted in AS chalk paint cream, I hand waxed both, both of these were picked by my hubby Mr. Hicks Picks!  we are having so much fun!  I know these pieces will go to a wonderful home and I hope you enjoy them my wonderful customers!  I sure do appreciate the business as I love what I do and my husband is having fun too!

Since I was cleaned out at my Pickers Point booth  tomorrow I will show a picture and tell the story of my 100+ year old iron bed that was added with all the new room and the rural road trip we bought her on with the white bearded man in a tire shop, a True pickers moment, Also in the pics will be my Fall spirit by decorating area like a Masquerade party in New Orleans......

Thanks so much for reading Have a great great great Friday night!


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