A trip to California, a little European inspiration and Annie Sloan Chalkpaint Help please

My recent trip to California (my home state) was wonderful!  We went primarily to spend time with our daughter and her family and to spend our Grandaughter Ella's first birthday with them.  My Daughter Cassie is the one with the better camera and much better photography skills...........so as she sends me a few pictures I will post more of the Ventura Beach/Carpenteria/Santa Barbara/Ojai times that we all shared, it was so beautiful and the time spent with family was precious.

My Grandaughter at Mission San Beunaventura

Me and the Girls at Carpenteria Beach

Latte's, sundresses everyday, flip flops, Mahi taco's on the Ventura pier with the best tomatillo green hot sauce ever, late night Creme Brulee's with cocoa by candlelight........a heated pool overlooking the beach on the days it was 65-70,,,,,,watching the surfers every morning off of the balcony of our room that viewed the Cstreet point in Ventura. sharing the event of a beautiful precious young baby turning one, walking around saying yay and clapping and grinning, The Santa Barbara Zoo and watching my daughter Cassie and her Husband Richard being so happy with their little family.  It was awesome sharing my daughter Abbigail seeing the ocean for the first time, Sleeping in everyday until I woke up naturally and all the walks with my husband and going to every Antique shop we could find, these are things I will treasure always. 

Abby's first View of the Beach

It was a beautiful sunset on our first evening, she would not let me throw her in, It was cold.....coming from 105 to say 63, we did have to get our feet wet that night though!!

The last day of our trip I was able to see a friend I had not seen for twenty years and was able to spend a full day on the beach with Toni, her Children and Grandchildren, we went from young twenty somethings  to Gramma's since we last saw eachother and it was a wonderful time getting to know her precious family and having her meet my daughters and grandaughter and watching them visit and play!

Our First stop was Anaheim to visit Disneyland, I had not been there since a child and wanted to take my daughter Abbigail.  We had a wonderful time. I remember being mesmerized by the Characters and rides at nine and enjoyed the excitement in  Abbigails eyes as she took it all in, Funny how my visit this time I was mesmerized by the architecture and colors of the buildings on Main  Street but completely blown away by the New Orleans Square . (follow link for more pictures)

Below are pictures I took of the square

 When I had left home I was considering painting my home white on the inside and taking away most of the color for a more nuetral calm feel, but after all the shops on the ocean with blues, teals, aqua, the Architecture of homes Santa Barbara, the red clay rooftops. Yellows, Reds, Greens, Blues everywhere, vibrant color filled beauty.  I came home and once again loved my decor with it's European flair! My Yellow slice hall with red at end and all the wrought iron, Olive green kitchen, parisian blue bathroom, it all made sense again!  Now I am on the hunt for the perfect color of Annie Sloans Blue chalkpaint  to use on the the shutters that will be flanking either side of my windows in my living area,
(I have been dying to try this paint, but cannot decide on colors........)

Here are some pictures from Pinterest of shutters in provence  I adore! So for those of you that have used Aubusson, Duck Egg, or Provence  what would be my best bet, I do not need to be matchy matchy with my fabric used in the room but what do you think would work best???

Fabric on the middle curtain and ottoman in my room that Vintagevshutters will reside

I will post shutter pictures later this week!

Thanks for any shutter color help and thanks for reading!

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