Adding a little more Farmhouse Romance to the Ranchhouse today

Okay, I have been slowly adding just a little more fru fru to the Ranchouse renovation! 

Today's projects (I will take better pictures when living room is complete, there are pillows and curtains to be made still.........a cowhide rug to be cleaned and put on floor and maybe some ornate frames to be found to house the black and whites of San Antonio that will be blown up that my photographer sister gave me for my Birthday!, I am going for a Farmhouse/ Romance-Romantic Ranch style,  a Little bit of leather a  little bit of lace,  a whole lot of vintage inspiration! I want for the male and females in the house to feel at home!

I have been admiring the raw edge burlap table runners that I have seen on etsy, however budget does not allow
$45-65 and I had these materials in my closet, this took let than an hour to make! Burlap and black and white ticking material

This runner is covering a glossy 1980's style mantle that I felt no love for, non at all!
(I have to find a way to house electronics, looking for vintage furniture that will work....)
I need to add roses to my glass vase

These candles were plain and one I took fancy rickrack and sewed on some of Alice's buttons, the other I took twin and put a crocheted rose on, the third has one of my french script stamped flowers tied on with twine.  Candle holders I had bought several years ago at pottery barn

Then since that took very little time, no money as I had materials............I was admiring the burlap and white muslin  rouched table runners and since my coffee table needs one desparately.............

This took less than 30 minutes!  They are selling fro 45+........very easy to make!

This is not my coffee table, it needs refininshing before I take a picture....... our darling little girl with markers got to it over the last few years and I cannot decide wether to paint white or refinish the wood.......

My Living room is hard to photo as it is so is nice and warm but I will lighten it up over the next few weeks by adding canvas, muslin and burlap throw pillows, white curtains taking up the window wall, may or may not paint furniture but will keep the leather and the woodwork so lets see what I can do to lighten things up round the ranch!

Thanks for looking at my projects today!

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