Am I Blue? French Blue?

I recently changed my blog banner to show my vintage Florentine tray that I found recently  when out treasure hunting, the tray completely sums up my love for deep beautiful french blues, so I just had to use it as my background loving the deep beauty of the color and the gold.....I then went on pinterest and found some blue inspirations  leading me to want to do a blue post.    I absolutely adore, pinks, lavenders, whites, but when my heart pitter patters the most is viewing the perfect shades of french blue!

I adore this collage so inspiring so beautiful

Close up of my Vintage Florentine Tray
 What fun to temporarily have hair colored blue and go to a party!!
And to be wearing a dress like this one!!

I could read many books on a bed like this!!

I am inspired to hang clothesline and dye some linen fabrics and hang in the sunshine and then sew into vintage inspired lovelies!!

Yes I am being inspired by these photo's and i hope you love blue too!!!


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