And the Jack that came back is going to.....

So my daughter woke up late hubby had us running out the door to visit sister that just moved here from California with her family to Texas she is just about an hour away on the way home we stopped by another flea is so hot here I think that my brain has fried so instead of the usual production of writing and cutting up numbers and taking picture of my abbigail picking from a bown  when I walked into door and checked my comments I asked daughter to pick a number from 1-36 and she picked 10

Comment Number 10 was from

Shabby Chic Sandy

Congrats Sandy send me an email to with your address and I will have this in the mail tomorrow!

I wanted to Thank Everyone for having fun with me participating in this giveaway I like to do them from time to time as it is just plain fun to give something away.. This Jack now does not need to come back so Sandy Take Jake and give him a good home and I would love to see a picture of it in your home!

I wanted to show ya'll some of the things I am working on for my home

First I went to Fort Worth and walked in on Major Eye Candy they had the complete collections of Athill and Northcott cabbages and Roses line, while I did not get all of them my living room looked like a Cabbages and Roses Fabric party...........I am so inspired to work with these fabrics they have beautiful pastels, some teastained/cream backgrounds and are alot closer to the look I am going for with my wanting to add a little romance to my ranch!!

I have came up with my spin on a scrappy Union Jack Throw that I will be sewing a few one for myself a couple for friends and my spin on my state flag throw using bolder fabrics and drop cloths that have been ran through cycles with bleach twice and then fabric softenener twice and have come out to a very creamy lovely feel that of old french linen,  I love that the drop cloths have seams that will hold the flags in perfectly........I will show pics when done, I am so excited to make a few for friends.  I am not selling at this time but......When I get caught up with gifts and making a few things for my home.  Stocking my booth etc. I will probably list a few on my etsy. I cannot take special orders at this time that was a little wild keeping up with all the emails etc so when I have them available I will just do a blog alert that they are being listed.  Thanks to all of you that have been inquiring and all the new friends!  I have to remember being wife and mom is first priority painting antiques for booth at Lonestar is next , sewing is a hobby that I adore and when I have extra time I would love to share!

Lavenders blues and splash of pink and grey is the color palette I am going for  I was so tickled to find antique french grains sacks, did you know if you put a king size pillow it fits loosely in these and is perfect to throw on a leather couch......and the Lavender range of the Cabbages and roses line goes perfectly on the dropcloth for throws and pillows to compliment, just a touch of the blue below for chairs.....not sure bout curtains yet  have to think on that one

 Found a man who sells miniature horseshoes for a really good price took some ribbon and wet it....crumpled it and tied it on after I took scissors and cut the roll of bling that they have in sewing section hot glued right in the crevice.....5 minutes and I have little horseshoes I love a small amount of bling....I am going to use the cabbages and rose fabric for kitchen/ the blues
The current issue of Romantic Prairie magazine was my inspiration for doing these I knew when I found smaller horseshoes that I needed a couple kicked myself when I got home for not getting more but going back next month and will get more this man also friend Tausha had great idea of putting initials on these..........I want to get enough to put around the table ontop of napkins ontop of the plate with our family initial on the shoes.....Very low costing project ya'll  

Also being inspired by same friend and the way she ripps and ties her fabrics on the dream catchers I have and love I wanted something for my I took my new fabrics and some drop cloth and ripped added a string of lonestars I also got from horseshoe man.......I know ya'll that this a  buck and not a doe,,,,,,how many doe head have you ever seen mounted?? so my deer is wearing his war headress, the flower and crown are simply that of his beloved that has chose for him to fight for her, he is fighting for her hand in marriage he will fight to the death and will place those on her head when he conquers all enemies, he will then take her hand and live happily ever after. and have little bambi's.......that's my story and I am totally sticking to it.

My fierce warrior deer in full headress

I have seen manny deer heads in magazines and at Lonestar and love them with white and bling this is my more rustic version...I love my lavender and blues

I had a new facebook friend find an old banner and motto that I had.......when did I take the motto down? I don't rememer but it reminds me of my purpose things I had designed and styled two years ago when I very first started my blog the middle pic on the banner is my great Aunt Annie's house in Kentucky I have many many photos dating as far back as mid 1800's of farmhouses, victorian houses, downright shacks etc that belonged to my family  I need to break those out this year and remember my roots and purpose of what I love to accomplish !

In search of the perfect balance between glamour and rust!

Have a wonderful week Everyone  and Shabby Chic Sandy  no matter how much Jack wants to come home Jack cannot come back..................... You don't know how many songs that have the word Jack in them,  all week I am like
back Jack do it again(wheels spining round and round)
Hit the road Jack and don't ya come back no more no more no more
Jack of diamonds (waylon Jennings...)

Jack Nicholson (Well he is just cool)
Jack-ie- O (well she was just cool)
Jack O lantern
Jack be Nimble Jack be went on all week long..
Don't jack with me....just had to throw that in 
There are hundreds more!!!

Enjoy Sandy!

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