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Shanty Girl Grand Opening Giveaway Winners are

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FaithHopeCherryTea Cafe Congratulations! I do not have your name in the post but will be  contacting you by email to send you your "Shanty Rose Bag"

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Shirley Renegar, Congratulations Shirley!!  You also picked a
 "Shanty Rose Bag"

I will be contacting both winners in the morning via email to get info to send you your bags!  I hope you enjoy them!

Here is a picture of the inside of your bags
I find it strange that both winners picked the same bag!!  I thought for sure the favorite "Shanty Chanel" would go so I sewed a couple..........they will go in the shop if I can tear them away from my mannequin who would really rather keep everything I make................She's a Shanty Girl, she loves the "Shanty Autumn too!

I want to Thank everyone who participated in this special event with me to celebrate the opening of my Shantygirl.etsy shop  (consequently will not be getting opened tonight........I have more pictures to take and it will take awhile to upload and describe all items so over the weekend I will be filling my shop and turning the lights on!)  Please come back to check it out.  This was so much fun that:

I will be having frequent giveaways for all different items, so stop by often!

Thanks again
Sherry Hicks

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