Annie Sloan Arles Chalkpaint Dresser

My Sister Wendy made a trip to Mckinney and picked up some more chalkpaint for me.  Thanks Wendy!!!
I got some more Duck Egg, Provence, Old White and we added Cream and Arles.

I have been getting ready to setup my second Shantygirl retail location at Uniques Gallery and had not had the chance to make the drive.  Immediately upon getting my new color........

I had to paint with it!

When My husband Mr. Hicks (Hicks Picks) brought home this dresser this week, I knew
that it was the perfect one to try the Arles/White combo that I had been dying to try.

 Forgot to take the before, you get the picture vintage piece beautiful lines, drawers are in excellent shape very well made but nondescript in it's current state
I love Arles!!!

This dresser is going down to my new booth today!  I just love the Annie Sloan colors.

I still have more pictures to share this coming week of many painted projects ready to go in my new location.

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Thanks for reading, now I am off today to begin setting up my new booth!!!
Have a perfectly wonderful Friday!

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