Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Heaven

Okay, I was one of the last to jump on the Chalk Paint wagon. I watched carefully, studied each and every blog that was doing a project with this paint and was hesitant.   I did make it to McKinney yesterday (my sister took pictures of our day I will post tomorrow and of the Smitten Store where this chalk paint is available for purchase)

Today I wanted to post what I had got done in two hours yesterday evening and  4 hours this morning....taking the occasional break, making breakfast when Abby woke, loading washer, watering grass etc.

Pieces still need distress and wax but here goes

I took my previously painted santa Monica blue table and painted two legs with Aubusson as that is the color
I wanted in the first place, to my surprise Aubusson and Ben Moore Santa Monica Blue are a perfect match! so no need to redo the table I simply used the dark wax on the two legs I painted and stuck it back in the living room. You can not tell it was painted two seperate colors. I did like the texture of the chalk paint better in working with it but the outcome looks the same.   I took the dark wax to the top and buffed it out and love how soft but yet more glossy the top is instead of just minwax.(back Left)

Front Left is my antique organ bench in duck egg blue
to the right of that is an antique chair painted in Provance
sitting on the provance chair is a antique fireplace surround Painted in Graphite
The drop leaf antique gateleg table took two coats of old white for bottom, I put the dark wax directly on top of the bare wood on top and it stained and buffed beautifully
on top of table to the left is a Louis Blue antique chair, Scandanavian Pink and old white antique picture frame
Middle top is a previously painted aqua now Paris Grey Book end table and next to that is a childs
school desk painted in scandanavian pink

The only trouble I had was two out of my 8 colors was a different consistancy I mixed thouroughly but they were still watery to apply.      I sat them out for a bit last night and painted with them this morning and they were fine.  These were my scandanavian and my Provance,  Old white took two coats and I expected that and all the other colors were one coat  I still need to distress and wax the rest and I will post before and complete afters of them this week for Furniture Feature Friday.

Would I buy some more, I am kicking myself for not getting Aries, Versailles,  and truly do think what I got done in the amount of time painting in my sunroom where low VOC is important (this had no smell)  Dark wax does have a low chemical smell but nothing a little fan and open window did not clear out, my hands stayed clean as I did not have to stain the tops with the brush...........I am sold  I will be getting more. I cannot say how far these will go but there is not a dent in any of the cans but the old white but I painted two coats to a large piece and one third of the can is gone.

Back to painting.......loving it!


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