Annie Sloan Coco Chalk Paint, and a perfect afternoon with Cole!

My  youngest Son  , Frank,needs a few furnishings for his new apartment so he came over to our place and requested a couple of items, he picked a coffee table and end table set that my husband had brought home quite some time ago he had picked for 5. for entire set, for some reason I was just not feeling any of the colors I had. 

So me and my Eldest, Cole, whom lives not far from the new shop in Dallas that Lady Butterbug is now stocking chalk paint in "Uptown Country Home" on Milton Avenue came along with me.  I wish I had got pictures of the shop as it was absolutely charming, inspiring, adorable  a must see for furniture painters/antique vintage lovers.  We also can recommend the Shrimp and Grits at Half Shells on the square...........mouth watering! Oh and don't forget to get an appetizer of "Fried Green Tomatoes"!  Cole had remembered going as a child to see that movie with me and we had fun talking aobut memories while eating our appetizer!

So much fun to have a last minute unplanned totally cool afternoon with ones you love! Cole is turning 30, My sister recently asked me how that made me feel............I feel like well somehow we all survived!

Pic of Cole and I on the square

camera pics are not the best but we had a  perfect afternoon!

So I immediately had to paint with the Coco, I also got more French Linen, Ochre, Stark White......and will be painting up a storm.  I wanted to show you the 5. granite topped, Coco coffee table set!

I used Coco, then clear wax then dark

The coco is a brown grey it is suppose to be like the color of old aged french wood

I love how the warmer grey matched the granit perfectly and the antiquing brought out the swirls in the granite tops

My children (I have 5) 4 grown one at home......They all like vintage and I was suprised when the boys started requesting some of my work........I am tickled my grown children like what I do.....I mean I remember the teen years when I was just well "not cool".........

Tomorrow I will finish a couple of pieces done for Frankie in "Aubusson and White"

Not bad for five dollar coffee table sets huh???

Have a wonderful day!


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