Another French Provencial Dresser/turning into birds nest

My French Provencial Dresser hung on the wall at LoneStar has been getting alot of attention, I have to tell everyone it was not my idea it was my husbands.  And my sweet Hubby brings home a second dresser this week sans drawers and is making another one for my booth at Uniques.  He is having to put in the bottoms and added a little barley twist and trim on the dresser but here it is before I paint I will show pictures of it done and decorated and it will be slightly different than my other one. 

Here is the Lonestar Dresser/Birds nest display

And here is a slightly different one that he is working on for Uniques Gallery. Since the missing drawers were on glides and did not have wood on bottom for shelves he built shelves so he made two a little taller in order for me to display a variety of items at different heights  I will paint inside dove white and outside louis blue, I am painting my space at Uniques Dove white, putting up a couple of French doors a fireplace mantle............hope my readers that live in the area will check it out as well I should be done by the beginning of next week!

I think this is an excellent way to use that dresser you see for a very fair to nothing price because the drawers are missing, I did have people request to purchase one as they would make excellent flat screen furniture and places for vcr, wii ect........... Now that I have the two that I need if we find others I sure will have some in my booths to sell.  It is a little intensive trying to paint the inside......but I love my husbands ideas!!

Thanks for looking. I will post when this is complete.


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