Another undiscovered Parisian Flat picture and my new inspiration

I had an email this morning from olivevinyard whom asked where I got my link for the Parisian flat that I used to inspire me for my studio. 

So I did a google search to send her a few links and found more pictures and more stories, I came across this picture and look at the dark, colors dark wood................hmmmmmmmmmmmmm did I find the inspiration to help me finish my living room????

Parisian flat undiscovered for 70 years, my inspirations!!
This is part of the same flat and thanks to the email request, well I found more pictures on the net and my  inspiration for my living room!!
 I have alot of woodwork in my room and though it was too dark, but look at the beauty of the rustic and warmness this space creates
This picture makes me definetley want a darker old world chandelier instead of the wagon wheel that I have, it answered my question about keeping some of the wood furniture dark, a little french chair like the one on the right to go on my back wall, I do love the more chocolate look to these walls rather than the orangey rust shade I have on my ceilinhd...................hmmmmm do I feel like getting out the tall ladder for a few days taping off and covering up furniture.............I painted this before I sure can paint it again!!

Coffee, may look nice?? here is my outside color a slightly different version of this may work

Inspiration above
My room still in a before stage below

And this mirror I bought at a garage sale 16  yearsago painted gold and  had above my fire place at my victorian decorated house for 8 years,and sold at my yard sale 8 years ago when I moved to the ranch house.  Well you can imagine my surprise when I saw it for sale again today  at our local antique shop,  is it suppose to be mine again? it may just add the little bit of gold like the inspiration picture, and well me and this mirror have a history was I suppose to refind it??? I am going to look at all my pics of the old house and show some later next week with this mirror, it is like an old friend........

I know the inspiration picture appears to be a dining area and appears to be storing things, it is the colors, and textures that are inspiring me.

So what do you think?? It may take me a little bit as there is sewing more pillows, painting and a Chandelier to save for a second Hutch to get from layaway and paint, a tv to hang.....
But do you think I can make mine a more modern/livable version of my inspiration pic??

Thanks for making me look olivevinyard !!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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