Another wonderful Pick this morning

First I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my problems with blogger post, I was beginning to think blogger just had something against me.  I will try all the suggestions but I think I need to clean computer and reload all my programs as I cannot download it may take a couple days to have that kind of time, I did use the other suggestions for unchecking the box and will try following within dashboard until I can clean my harddrive and reload. 

Now for the pick...........I went to an estate sale just a few blocks away last month that had alot of wonderful pieces for fair prices.  They had 3 outbuilding barns that were not open and I signed up for the email of when that sale would take place. They said it was just the junk and guys stuff but invited me to come.........Now this was a true pick, moving stuff climbing on stuff, heart leaping as I was pulling things and adding them to my stack.  Hubby was doing the same  sorting through but lookey here what we found........

lots of aqua and french blue tool boxes, cabinets with all the original antique hardware and patina

Metal tags, true vintage wire baskets, that there in front is a french blue refrigerator drawer with awesome patina, old ladders, vintage shutters, antique medicine cabinet mirror, aqua blue ball jars, vintage gold panning pans

Antique wood bug catching jar (daughter has claimed that already, it has antique hinges and a leather handle)
lots of antique wood frames and various wood pieces.  A vintage Metal with hinges first aid kit with first aid supplies says Dallas Texas in bottom corner

Hubby got ice cream buckets, fishing rods and holders, minnow buckets

We got a full truck load of what they thought was their junk..........

We left a ton of good things I had but one truck to fill.  I promise if you live in the area just go to Melissa Drive in Keller it is off of Roanoke Road. I don't want to post exact address but they are open Today, Friday and Saturday.  There is a plethora of antique glass bottles, medicine, coke, the carts everyone has at canton with wheels they had several for like a couple of bucks........ you name it boxes full shelves full, lots of wood pieces spindles, lots of wire greats, chairs that need a little work and they have leftovers from main sale inside with a few good antique pieces left.....

AAAAHhhhhhhh sorry I only gave out information after I picked through but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do..............

Have a wonderful day and I am so tickled I could post pictures today!!


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