Antique Dresser Scarves and Vintage Crochet books

I found some wonderful vintage dresser scarfs today. I am going to repurpose them into aprons and little girls dresses. I have such a good time hunting them it truly is bringing out the artistic spirit in me. I have the ability to make these as I was taught how to embroider and crochet but it takes many many hours and I love the vintage look and feel of the pieces I pick. I want to make one for my grandaughter Ella and the rest for the Etsy shop. The Vintage Crochet books are from the fourties, one has an Irish Rose Doily that I will have to make and the other has vintage crocheted edgings that would look lovely on a pillowcase dress or apron! I love to crochet as you can watch TV or carry it to Dr.'s office ect. and always have something to do.

As I look at the finished pieces I try to think of the person who sat and made them and the love and time that was put into each artistic piece. I hope that the items I make are cherished and that I can do justice to the beautiful art work and repurpose them into pieces that would make good photo props ect.

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