Antique Mirrors and Stars of Tobacco Sticks and this weeks Haul

Hi All,  it snowed this week here in DFW, AGAIN....  Hope everyone is warm and cozy in your corner of the world!

This weekend my hubby daughter and I went to our favorite Junk/Antique Stores and I found THE mirror for the ballet room, this is the mirror I had been trying to explain to my hubby and friends for the longest it is an antique buffet mirror and I found it for a bargain becuase it was imperfect, had a few chips a little crazing, it was perfect for me and I wanted to share pics

I love it alls I had to do was put some windex and put it on the wall!

After putting mirror up the pictures needed to be  moved as the golds were not the same so I simply moved them to other side or room amd the banners on other side of mirror to remind me while doing my ballet workouts to meditate and breath and gain Endurance and Peace as well as fitness

I was very inspired last year by Rachel Ashwell's Star of sticks and Tausha's  handmade Version over at Simply me blog  so I went on ebay and got antique tobacco sticks took me awhile but I finally made my star!!  I simply bound the sticks with leather and embellished with a couple things and it took five minutes  I have more sticks to make one for my booth

As an antique dealer in Texas when it is cold I sometimes have to work in my home as I do not have a studio..........garage is too cold this week so this is what  my hall looks like

And the sea of white in my kitchen...........all needing to go outside to be distressed and waxed....

Yes the life of a furniture painter/antique dealer can be fun but not always glamourous......lots of hard work....
This was my kitchen when it was snowing this of course was taken outside to distress and wax the paint I use has no fumes and is very very low voc but yes this is what it is like painting in Texas in the winter without a shop........  it does get moved out of the way most of the time before family comes home for evening, but sometimes I stay up late, this was all painted in one day with brush the only way I paint.  All these items will be in my booth today and tomorrow have chairs as well from last week so several truck loads to get her stocked!

I continue to look at magazines all the time to gain inspiration and am still very inspired by the prairie style  the more rustic side of Shabby chic, found a Texas live magazine with two page spread on the praise has me wanting to go back this year

and since I paint my ......... off I get to purchase goodies for the house I like to call it my mad money... I do have savings goals and colledge education funds come out of this as well but .this week I found a few goodies at a local antique shop, the book is from 1947 that I and abby can read together about families on the prairie/plains, it has the cutest covered wagon on front and the blue color is perfect, the 1954 "Western Family" magazine color and picture on the front drew me to buy had to have lady sewing ballet outfit on  daughter.....Madonna and child with the perfect blue, and finally a God Bless our Home with perfect patina and gold guilt very old wood frame paper backing brittle all the signs of age...

And then I had been looking for fabric to cover my vanity seat in ballet room and found this 1920 circa german linen fabric that will be thick enough for a chair cover so when that comes in that is my next project!

Hope everyone has a  wonderful Weekend!!

Talk to ya soon!


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