Antiquing Texas Style

Today I went to LoneStar Antiques in Haltom City, Texas. If you ever come this way make sure you give yourself several hours to make it through this Antique Mall, it is absolutely beautiful and interesting!  They have a wonderful looking tea room that I will have to go back and try!

How cute is this!! This dealer is called Shabby Y and she has an awesome booth

Wow what a light fixture still Shabby Y
 Another Shabby Y pic, she has a vintage barber cabinet that I may go back and get, reminded me of my hairdressing days.....whole nother story

Shabby y

Still Shabby Y can  you tell I loved this booth?

In the very Middle of the mall is this awesome carriage
And Look at this................The booths in the middle have an actual old town storefront

Towards the back is a complete retail area with dressing rooms, she she has awesome clothes with handmade/antique items interspersed, awesome displays, take this area times 20 to get the idea of the size of her space. Western and Anthropologie style clothes.
This is a retail baby area towards the back, has alot of antiques in her booth as well, cute huh!
 I loved this Hutch!
This will be mine, I put it on hold as I have to paint Shanty Studio and have yard sale before I drag it in...
Yard sale is in 2 weeks then I get to paint and bring her home!!.
Awesome Hutch I am still not sure what I want exactly to store fabrics but am looking at this and a few other options
This lady had very low prices, this stool cut into a shelve with hardware already put on the back was $16.00
This came from the same booth and rode home with me,  this will make either a design/inspiration board or a place to photgraph and hang my vintage/anthropologie inspired  headbands, she has a couple more!!  Very reasonable..........I love the vintqage mask and the paper flowers are made out of old sewing patterns.  Loved it, will cherish it.
I got a couple of more decorative things and will have them in my sewing studio and will take pics later
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Hope you enjoyed looking into another Texas Antique shop

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