Awesome 64 Ford

My recent trip to Round Top Texas brought me by a car lot that made me stop get out take pictures in the rain and drool over a 1964 Ford!!  64 is my birth year and an awesome year for Ford body style!  Just wanted to share pics.

(click on pics to enlarge)

  I just had to stop and say Howdy!!

Ain't she pretty!!

She was not in the budget and really I would like a little more blue than aqua, but she was a contender on my wish list! 

I sure could have alot of fun pickin and taking Antiques to LoneStar in this beauty!

So I guess if she is an antique well the I am too!!

Too cute for words, next time I post about vehicles I will have to show you a 64 Chevy Ranchero I stalked outside of Mcdonalds, I was shooting away and the owner was the person working the drive thru I did not know that I am sure she thought I was a weirdo,  then there are the countless people actually driving cool trucks that catch me taking pics of them as they drive down the street........I have a thing for old trucks what can I say........

Have a great Weekend!!


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