Awesome new books

I love books and coffee and went to barnes and noble and did just that coffee and search for inspiration i bought this book full of lovely patterns, throws, chair covers  just a beautiful book. I am going to make bedding for my guest room and change out a few other things in the house. I need to be refreshed and sew things for myself it is fun to have things in your house that you made brings me satisfaction, I also have three quilts in the works, am making more french masquerade aprons that I designed and I need to make me a summer bag!

Awesome new book I bought at Barnes and Nobles Yesterday

I had the Cabbages and Roses book for awhile and read again this morning for a pick me up of inspiration

loving the cabbages and roses fabrics!

Isn't this adorable!  

and I am loving the cabbages and roses fabrics at fatquarter shop!  There is a new line coming out in a couple of months as well!

I am loving all the inspiration and patterns shared in these books and will get back to sewing


  painting for my booth and stocking this week and next week my sister is coming from Virginia and I am taking a week or so break from painting sewing blogging and just   BEING

Have a Wonderful Week  I am going to  pick my vegetable garden, swim, camp, play with daughter fish with husband, get refreshed visit with sister and be back in a couple of weeks!


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