Ball Mason Jars and a Shabby Window

Shabby window with barnyard wood sill and two of my grandmother sharps antique figurines
Last month when going to a flea market I picked up an old window Shabby chippy window with windowsill planter attached 15.00.  At a booth just a few steps down I picked up a box of a bunch of vintage ball canning jars 8.00.........

Yesterday I took a little gray paint and dry brushed the sill........cleaned window and jars, added lavender to three of the jars and my double knockout roses using pink and red and this is what I came up with

Lavender and Roses in the vintage ball canning jars

Just another view of Window on top of my mantle with burlap and ticking runner and vintage figurine

Done for 23.00! (I already had the lavender and roses are from my garden.)

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