Cabbages and Roses Union Jack

Okay so I was surfing the net this morning for inspiration and somehow wound up at the 2011 International Spring Quilt Market pictures and was floored by the Cabbages and Roses Booth..........I did not know that Anna was working with Moda for a new quilt fabric line...........Available September.............I have so many visions of things to make with this line.

I had been eyeing the Cabbages and Roses site for sometime but was not sure of shipping cost etc. I even emailed them and was ready to order some fabrics for pillows, skirts etc.  But I think I want to try what they have done for the American Market and wait till September and order the quilt fabrics.

Here are some pictures of the net surfing I did this a.m. with my hazelnut coffee!

I just have to order this quilt kit!  I love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cabbages and Roses Booth at International Spring  Quilt Show

 Love love love the Cabbages and Roses line for Moda called "NorthCote" Available Septermber 2011
 This is the backing kit available at fatquarter shop in September for the  Cabbages and Roses Union Jack Quilt The fabric line for moda is called "NorthCote"

Image from Cabbages and Roses, wouldn't it be fun to invite the girls over for tea after making a new tablecloth!  Or could sew each guest an apron and we could wear aprons over t-shirts and jeans and sip tea and eat petit fours

Cabbages and Roses, apron to die for

This image is from cabbages and roses, loving the dress I hope they publish patterns I would preorder die to have one of these or two or three dresses, I love dresses so cool for summertime and so feminine

This is the Joel Dewberry Quilt Booth at the Spring Quilt Show the line fabric line is "Heirloom"  just beautiful!! I want that dress!  I would so wear that all the time!!!! And the bag drool.......

I am drooling over this chair and I saw one similiar needing recovered my local thrift haunt
that I may go back this morning to see if it is still there.................I was not sure if I wanted a project this big
but I am really really really inspired by this one!
Loving the frame with fabric what a perfect booth at the Spring Quilt Market

I have such electic taste range in fabric, decor, and clothing and while both of these fabric lines are very different I am utterly inspired by both

I am curious wich line do you like the best???

What inspires you?

Northcote (roses)
Heirloom (dewberry)

Have a Terrific Tuesday
Tomorrow I have more pictures of quilt markets and inspirations
Off to paint or sew!


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