Chair Renovation

This chair is called "Terrified of Being Loved".  It is a very early,  probably turn of the century chair that was no longer loved...........She needed new clothes, paint, stuffing, and to be made more secure. But I saw her and she said "please help a girl out here......"  She called my name and the person who let me have her saw no value in her at all and more or less let out a laugh that I wanted her........

Here she is in her new clothes, I used Darla Roses on top over linen. I used drop cloth on the bottom making
use of the hem, I made cording out of red and white ticking and used it as the bottom trim and used white trim around the top of the chair

Here she is in her previous state, one of her porcelain wheel casters kept coming out, she wobbled a bit

Reinforced all areas that needed it with wood glue and clamps fixed her caster so it will never come off, primed and painted her using two coats of Benjamin Moore White Linen, waxed and buffed

I think she likes her new look

She has casters on the front but not the back and she is petite but not petite enough for a small child but it is as if it were made to be able to push someone closer to a table by lifing the back legs and scooching in? Perhaps it was for a gentleman to scooch his lady closer to the table as it is not really a childs size...but not quite full sized??? Any one know anything about this chair? Please do tell!
Oh and I made a pocket out of the ticking and put some hand stamped muslin on the pocket......
Marie Antoinette is saying
"I am terrified of being loved"
I picture a young lady putting her ipod in the pocket to listen to music while writing in her journal.........

I had alot of fun and worked on her yesterday and finished her today.  She is the easier out of the 7 more
chairs that I have to complete............I have always loved custom upholstery and wanted to give it a try.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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