Cherry Cola Pink you are going down!!

I have blogged previously about the Cherry Cola Pink room and the sad transition of my daughter  (1st grade) telling me she had outgrown most of the toys in the "playroom", after 2 weeks of moping and asking are you sure and reminicing of the past 6.5 years of playing in that room, I then pulled her Step 2 deluxe kitchen, table, desk etc. out into the hall and moved my sewing machine in, time for the next stage in life.....I am not new to stages I have 4 grown children ages 21-28 and I am a granna, why was this getting me? It was because I knew it was "the last time" and how quickly she will grow independent from here.  I then halfed the room with her and have been sewing in a cherry cola pink room.  Fine for a little girls playroom, not cool to spend all day in working or photographing my work.........  I gave her half the room for toys and she has not played with a one, instead she is creating and sewing and wants her own desk and machine, she has a scrap box and is tying things around her lil mannequin and hand sewing. Abby has made dolly quilts and a Barbie surfboard.  So we rearranged her bedroom to accomodate the other toys and we are going to decorate our "ShantyGirl" Studio and make room for my little seamstress buddy to sew as well.  She loves antiques as do I , we we want to decorate it like you are stepping back in time and also give inspiration to creating and a good backdrop for photo's.

Since the girls are all dressed up they don't want to help.................
(French Masquerade and Farmhouse Romance, they got dressed and grabbed a bag and went shopping.........)

And my little sister "Wendy"  told me she thought it would be fun to come over and help!  Sisters are great!
Wendy is a professional freelance photographer "Digitally Dunn" and I am tickled she is taking time away to help me.       HMMMM.....hope I can get her to take some pics.......

Left bottom row:, Dora Faulkner(Epstein), Wendy Faulkner(Dunn), Sherry Faulkner (Hicks)
Back: Left Gramma Sharp, Barbara Faulkner (mom), Michael Faulkner(my dearest belated brother), Grampa Sharp.
82 acre farm Jeffersonville Indiana, we lived in 100 year old 2 story white farmhouse on a hill,
This is the land and house that built my favorite childhood memories, Still looking for pics of the house...
Circa 1974

Has anyone else noticed that painters canvas is a very beautiful canvas, very Farmhouse, french, shabby chic friendly, and cost 14.00 for approx 6 yards??  Normal Canvas on sale is $6.00 or so.....REPURPOSE IDEA  Cut off the parts that do not get paint on them launder them to make them clean and soft and make aprons, pillowcases, shabby chic-french christmas stockings, gift bags, maybe a purse or laundry bag, the possibilities are endless and I will be doing tutorials over the next few weeks with how I chose to use mine! Reduce,Reuse, Recycle!

 I am going in to do prep work and the Cherry Cola Room is going down taping and (kilz) priming first and then hello WinterOak (walls)and Sugarcane (ceiling)!  (Lowes, Eddie Bauer Colors using Valspar Paint, Warm tones of grey and off white) 


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