Coco life before Chanel, My contact from Chanel and a Coco Life Before Chanel DVD Pass along

Coco Chanel

Young  Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel

When I very first started my little in home sewing business  "Shanty Girl" and blog (such a short while ago)  I had a Grand Opening Giveaway  for one of the bags I would be making. I used a variety of blacks and white and greys, ticking, cotton,felt. I wanted it to be about texture not color and to be wearable with any outift.

Since I have been a long time Chanel number 5 fan, my Gramma Sharp always had a bottle on her Bereau. Chanel Number 5 is the frangrance my Hubby loves and buys for me and I feel so very special when wearing it, this is not my every day scent this is my date night, special occasions , want to get attention from my man scent........  Marilyn Monroe stated that Chanel Number 5 made her feel like a women, and that is all she slept in...............I was aware that Coco Chanel designed the little black dress and was a fashion icon,  but I really did not know much more.

I was inspired by all the above to call my bag the Shanty Chanel.  Just a few weeks later after posting options to also buy this bag in my shop. I was using this name for the colorway to pick for this bag, I received notice from Lawyers of Chanel to cease using any form of the name Chanel for the sale of my items, first I was scared and relieved that it was a gentle reminder and not a suit.

 I  posted this in part because I wanted to let others know that even if you are just a little mommy or Granna sewing in the corner, you still have to be very mindful of copyrights and patents.  After my oringinal scare wore off I was then pleased that by the small amount of marketing I was doing I was found and visible to really one of my favorite fashion companies ever, although I am sorry for the reason I was contacted.........I immediately scrapped the idea of using "Shanty Coach" for my hinged framed bags. I had an embroidered design of an antique coach and thought it would be cute but was not aware of how it infringe upon  another.  I had a brainstorm with my family and friends  I am using Shanty Buggy Bag and Shanty Carriage Clutch for my original designs of bags and clutches that are inspired by the reticules and carpet bags back in the day, I love all things vintage and fell in love with these names suggested to me by people I love. 

A few days after the notice I receieved to cease usage of the name, I went to Target and what did I see? A DVD about the life of Coco before Chanel. I really did not know a lot about this lady at all, just thought she was a very well to do designer back in the day.........I was in for a surprise.

First this movie is foreign and in french the subtitles went very smoothly and I enjoyed the authenticity that watching this movie in french brought to the experience.  The movie is set in the late 1800's and early 1900's, showing Chanel as an orphaned child whom was raised by nuns...........(some say that is how she was influenced by simplicity and darker colors).

Coco then became a seamstress and tried very hard to be a singer.....................................and the movie covers how Gabrielle was nicknamed Coco, her inspirations, her two romances of that time and the beginning of her company.  I felt emotions of inspiration, love, hope, tragedy,  and  awe over the Parisian decor and antiques. For me this film was inspirational eye candy.

There is much controversy in the life of Coco  after the events in this movie , there is so much information to read on the internet.  I will leave you to read biographies and do your own research. Here is an interesting blog post about Coco. I for one admire her style, hard work, and vision and incredible talent!

 I want to pass this DVD along. My requirements for the DVD Pass Along is that the people who enter  have blogs and the ability to watch this movie within a week or two of viewing, write a post about the movie and pass along to another who can watch and blog about.........let's see how far this goes I request that all that watch it email me or send me a link and I can then post about Where the DVD Before Chanel has traveled and give everyone the opportunity to read each review.  I would love to do this with books and book reviews in the future as well, I just want to see the interest and if this works out, I think it will be fun.  So if you have a blog and the ability to watch this movie, promise to keep me posted when you write a review, and promise to pass along to another with the same abilities please comment here!  I will pick a random number Next Friday Morning and ship "Coco Before Chanel" on her way. 

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel

"One always begins by making dream dresses. Then one has to take away something. Always to take off, never to add. Some people think luxury is the contrary of being poor. No, it is the contrary of vulgarity."

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel

I also said I would post pictures of another Buggy Bag to send to the winner  Paige of my last bag giveaway, I am making these bags with the option to "Change Couture".  Paige will have an original bag that she simply unscrews and takes the "Buggy Couture" off and then slips on her "Couture Option", most ofthese will be machine washable, simply wash and iron like a dress and put away flat in a drawer and change your "Buggy Bag Couture" whenever  your mood changes.  These "Buggy Bag Couture" option will be in sleek blacks and whites,  brown linenes, white linenes, burlaps (spot clean only), Amy Butler, Jennifer Paganelli, Shabby Roses, Flowing Muslin ruffles. You name it I have it and I am in the midst of sewing and stocking shop this week, I am playing with designs and sizes of the bag options to fit just one frame.  By buying just one frame and being able to switch it out the "couture" it is economical as the options will be less than rebuying a bag.  Flowers and Buggy Bag Bling will be interchangeable and removable for wash.  Buggy bags can be used as a clutch, over the shoulder or messenger style. Shipping will be very economical as well!

Shanty Girl Buggy Bag "Couture"

Amy Butler Love Fabric is used on the "Buggy Bag" Couture, this bag has fleece and is quilted
it also has cream quilted lining and a cell phone pocket inside! Removable flower pin.
Bag is machine washable, can be removed from frame and you can "Change The couture"

This Is the first "Buggy Bag" and will be Going to Paige and she will have both versions and be able to "Change Couture" !!

I hope you like the idea of the DVD Passalong, I think it will be fun! So tell me what you think?? Whom are you inspired by? What is your favorite perfume?? 

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