Coffee, Tea, Or Chalk Paint

The life of an antique dealer/furniture revamping/painting lady is very glamorous, so glamorous that half the time you walk around with paint somewhere, if it is not in your hair it is on the tip of your suede boots, all of your husbands jogging paints are covered, even after a nice shower it is left by accident on the back of your arm, unnoticed by you until your daughter asks " mom why are you the only mother that always has paint on you"?.    You have even ripped your prettiest most expesnsive  cool grey with hand embroidery all over it  Fossil maxi dress on your furniture, no you did not try to paint in it just simply getting past some of the furniture to go to dinner and a small nail was sticking out. You thank god it was you and not your daughter and she is not injured.

I am a Girl Scout Mom and I am responsible for our troops cookie orders so I guess I am "Cookie Mom".  Just two days ago alot of other mom's had to come by to pick up cookies.  They got to see the real me................I could have asked  Coffee, Tea or Chalk Paint?????.......................

Try having cases of all different kinds of cookies stacked in your entryway and to maintain the New Years resolution of losing a few sizes.............

It has been cold and drizzling off and on here and while yesterday was beautiful I have been painting in my kitchen and laundry area, so here is what we are walking around in order to get breakfast, dinner, coffee or tea..........The other mom's did not seem to mind I wonder if they secretly got together and are staging an intervention????  It sure was a conversation starter!

Here is my world 85 percent of the time, (I have a wonderful hubby who does not complain, he figures it is great I have something to do and I am staying busy) The rest of the time I am actually pretty normal and off putting things in Lonestar or working up at Uniques. Glamour and Rust!!

Coffee, Tea or chalpaint anyone??  (I have had people ask me if I sell chalkpaint, there have been inquiries at Unique Gallery) I am not a chalkpaint distributor. I buy my paint from ladybutterbug she is online but I go to Mckinney to Smitten to purchase, that way I can spend an afternoon browsing my favorite shops if you make it that way don't miss Chase Hall or Grey Living! 

These babies have to get pushed out of way for morning coffee wich is what inspired me to write this morning, I mean who has alot of furniture to move at 5:30 a.m. jus to make coffee.....that would be me....crazy furniture painting/revamping/antique lady

Yes I have furniture up on the counter of the kitchen...........

at least this rolls so you can roll it out of your way to make breakfast............

I do carry the furniture in the garage for sanding and waxing and there are plans for a small shop
on our land, but until then the laundry and the kitchen in this weather will have to do!

I love the splashes of color that my two dropcloths have on them, some of my happiest moments were making these messes so I say bury em with me when I am gone!

All of this furniture will be placed in my retail locations today and tomorrow and I may look halfway normal for a day or two but until we build a little shop or the weather gets nicer this is part of my reality!

Just getting real

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