Creatively Made Home and Inspired You! and other blog inspiration

I am in inspiration heaven this week and will continue to be for at least the following few weeks......

When I began blogging the very first blog that I followed was a bushel and a peck, Jeanne Oliver has grown tremendously as a company and she is now Jeanne Oliver Designs with her own .com, look books,  ecourses....., I first found her by picking up an artful blogger magazine a few years back. I have since followed her blog bought some of her designs for myself and my daughter (love her work) and taken an art ecourse with her last year, it was amazing!! ...........I am so excited to be taking her course that starts next week... Thanks Jeanne for all the inspiration you give to others, and always showing your love for god and sharing that in your courses!

More information can be found on the Creatively Made Home Ecourse Here

When I first started blogging it was because I had just opened an etsy shop and read that most of the succesful artist on etsy blogged......Hence my picking up an artful blogger magazine to find out what this blogging business was.......

Now I sold a few things on etsy and made alot of friends from blogging and have my most inspiring blogs that I love on my sidebar bloglist.  But  it was upon opening my Shantygirl retail location that is now inside Lonestar Antique mall that I found my strenghts and revisited a past hobby of painting and refinshing furniture, I had a successful antique business ten years ago named "Whispering Walls"... I had a job offer from a very large hospital system and went back to the corporate world for 8 more years..... and mom had booths over the years, it was upon being a stay at home mom again and  opening my retail Shantygirl that I started reading furniture/antique focused blogs  that I found another very awesome inspirational blog that I adore

I happened upon Miss Mustardseed by someone else entering a post on Furniture Feature Friday it was there that I got hooked, I  read Miss Mustardseed everytime she posts and am in awe with inspiration from her and all the other participants of her Friday  Feature!  I started following she had an outdoor untemp controlled unit to show her furniture......she now sells her own paint and her first book was just realeased.....guess who is using her paint this week and well,,,,,pre- ordered and just recieved her book..

paint lined up in my office area, I am a chalkpaint/milkpaint lover and I am in the middle of finishing a china cabinet to show at this weeks furniture feature friday and to put in my retail location using the new milkpaint line by MMS, I love working with new products!

reveal Thursday night.....

I love in this book that not only is Marion not afraid to show her love for god and family, she is so down to earth and I love her writing and photography skills,  yes she did the projects, wrote about them and photographed them....very hands on don't you think!

I love how the book cover matches my kitchen.............very French Country...... of my favorite designers this over at Jeanne Olivers designs, yes I design my own french aprons but having a thing for is fun buying from and wearing others designers creations as well!

I also love to read all my shabby/French chic friends blogs as I feel my style is shabby/french/prairie mixed and continue to be inspired by them and of course Rachel at Shabby French for me and Tausha at Simply Me have both had awesome magazine coverage this year,  what a thrill to go to the grocery store open a magazine......and one of the ladies you have been blogging with and keeping in touch via FB, email etc. there they are!  So exciting!!  And Katies  Rose in this months Artful Blogger...Lori is a fellow Texan that I have had the opportunity to meet at Lonestar Antique Mall....Congrats to all of you I am just so inspired!!

Fiona and Twig  blog is inspiring and I love to see Anne Lory's grow as a photographer and all her work that is being published is so inspiring to me!

How do you recharge? What are you inspirations? Do you feel you are in touch with your strengths?
(just a few jalapenos from my garden processing all day today....many more outside....)

Oh and can anyone share some good foodie blogs with me as I want to learn new recipes and am lacking foodie blogs in my sidebar!  After having a garden this year and finishing up canning the last of our bounty today I want to get in touch with some foodies!  

There are many other blogs that inspire the heck out of me and reside on my sidebar please check them out sometime!

Thanks so much to the authors of all the blogs I follow you put so much time into what you do and I wanted all of you to know how much you touch the lives of others.


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