Dedicated to my Sister

My Sister, who is a very Sassy Faulkner Girl.................11 months older than me whom I have shared many good and bad times........

Needs a little uplift to remember her true spirit and that dreams sometimes can be put on hold but to never let go of the dream, If life throws something your way, make "Something" out of it!!  And if all else fails

"What would Wendell Do'

She will know what I am talking about and she will remember riding on plumbing supplies in the back of a rusted ole  truck coming home from bowling singing this song at the top of her lungs with me and both of us wondering why the moon was following us around while the wind was blowing in our hair.

This one's for you Dodie~
Love Sis

If it feels like life is giving you a big ole ball of strings.............Make something out of that dang string
Get on your boots, get in touch with your "pioneer spirit" Thank the lord every day there was no
"wild savage attack"
And move forward with your "True Dream" do not compromise!
And when you build your house "Call me I'll come by"......(whole nother song...Plays right after this one....)
Enjoy these times as they were given to you for a reason, make memories out of them!
I love you!

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