Do you have trouble saying goodbye to your Antique finds?


So you find a piece of furniture at an estate sale, barn sale, yard sale, auction wherever and you see the potential.  You touch the furniture and you get that feeling this sure is something worth reviving, you sand paint, prime and as you are working with it the piece more or less speaks to you with what colors you should paint it or what type of finish, how much distressing etc.

You finish your baby and now you have spent hands on time, labor of love. Wouldn't have bought it if you didn't love it and now it is time to put in your booth or list, however you sell your wares....If in a mall you set it in your booth just the right way to show it off, put a cute tag on it and go visit  it for a little while but then one stop by to admire it and it is sold....... you get a natural high that someone loved your work and saw the beauty in the vintage piece enough to invite it in their home!.  But then you realize the history you had and you realize well quite frankly you are going to miss it!   I have felt this way with every piece of furniture I have sold between etsy and my booth........

aprons, bags I can completely recreate again, but furniture is a one of a kind deal,  never will you meet the exact same vintage dresser in the same place under the same circumstance and it will never turn out the exact same way or the hutch or that 100 year old chair that you get to see vintage fabrics weathered but interesting and you wonder who this belonged to, what lives they led what type of home? Who knew I would have a hard time saying goodbye to my handpainted pieces of course I will be able to sell them  as I love doing this and can only keep so many pieces in the house. Does anyone else connect with this feeling? 

Here's the dresser that inspired my little post today.

after a couple of slight wood repairs, sanding, primer, provencial blue matte paint(Benjamin Moore)  and sugar cane matte (Valspar) , distressing with sander,  valspar antique glaze and waxing with minwax paste two coats and buffed.  I fell in love with her.  I was inspired by pictures in my first Rachel Ashwell book I have had for years and also I have seen this color combination again on alot of blogs. I do not have the chalk paint that people are using and am not sure the difference as I have not seen the chalkpaint pieces in person, they look absolutely lovely online.  I was curious though if you can make colored chalkboard with 2 tablespoons unsanded grout and half cup any flat/matte  paint , I tried it and it works lovely, then can you mix you own chalk paint for furniture?  giving you any color you buy at your convenient store nearby the texture and abilitiy to cover anything........I will have to test that out.
She has a Granite marble top that is stamped Italy on the back

the only before picture I have you can see her on the right

I know she has found a good home and will be loved again and will be beautiful again.

I know I can be a bit silly at times but hey I write what I think and that is how I think.
Thanks for reading!


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