Dreaming of a Farmhouse

When I was a little girl we moved quite a bit I lived in the country and in the city.  I have to say my very favorite place that we lived was in an 1870's farmhouse on top of a hill with 82 roaming acres.  My father was a plumber and my mother was a bookkeeper and we rented the house and got to roam the land.

I have often dreamed of recreating that part of my childhood by renovating an old farmhouse.  Since my mother has passed this year it has been very hard to drive down the road as it leads to her place wich she is no longer at, our once little community has grown so much that traffic is really bad any given time of day.....My sisters are both making moves, one to the country with room to roam and the other is building on water on an island so they can go fishing and crabbing every evening!!.......so when my husband mentioned the other day he may be ready for one more move in our lives, further out in the country where we have a few acres and enough land for a horse for our Abbigail ......(he just mentioned it I jumped on the daydreams)  I asked Mr. Hicks "would you be opposed to building an old farmhouse rather than buying and renovating the traditional Texas brick", he said he was not totally opposed...........

So of course I am Dreaming of a Farmhouse and for the next few weeks my post in between furniture and sewing will be that of Farmhouse dreaming!  Now we may never make the move, poor hubby mentions one word and here I go.......

All pictures are from historicalhouseplans.com

If this plan were to come into fruition these are plans that caught my eye!!

Over the next few weeks I will be narrowing this down by actual interior plan (keep in mind this is daydreaming at this point) and it will be fun to show some inspiring farmhouse interiors that I love! Farmhouse sinks, claw foot bathtubs, dark hardwood floors! (I better paint and sell a lot of  furniture eh!)

Some of these plans are a little bigger than others, a large front porch is important as I would like to take things a little slower and sit out on nice evenings and drink tea. I like a cozy home over a massive one to keep clean, so I picked homes that are 1800 to 2200 square feet would be perfect and these are all in that range. Living on a farm means more time outdoors and of course there would be rose gardening and vegetable gardening so who needs any bigger than that of indoor space.  And there would need to be a barn/workshop on the land.  Preferably not far from a lake to take a swim in this Texas weather I would be giving up a pool and maintenance to feed a horse!

Do you have a favorite???

Have a great day  I am off to Lonestar Antique Mall today!


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