European Inspirations and First Pics of my new retail space

Hi all!!

Yesterday I moved into my new space at Grapevine Antiques Market

 I must tell you first that sometimes I am not sure what to do with a space or with a piece of furniture I am very inspired by European Facades, American Countrysides, I was so inspired by walking around NOLA last year, so often times I will go to pinterest and get inspired of course I cannot copy the look completely but I can get the feel that I am going for with a space or piece of furniture I wanted to share pics I found on pinterest that amazed me the last two weeks and show you my first pictures of my space that I moved into yesterday.

My sister Wendy, Son Cole and Daughter Abbigail helped me all day we had a blast went to a nice French Quarter Style restaurant to get the vibe and celebrate my sisters Birthday.  We wiped out a big part of the work and I will be bringing alot more things in everyday  but here goes

I was inspired by

And with the help of my wonderful family here is progress, we will be adding some  beautiful chippy  french doors to the back wall and have sold a couple pieces the first day so booth will change again this sunday!

I cut out hundreds and hundreds of butterflies and hung, this will change seasonally so paper and twine were easily attainable....dreaming of what I will do next already.........

Adding Lavender Sachets and handmade all natural lip balms in 8 flavors...(made by a fellow artisan)
 Hand made hair ties,  composition book covers and  Hand Made Soaps (soaps by a fellow artisan)

Wow I really felt the inspiration picture below when painting this vintage 1950's era solid wood early american style hutch  This piece was done in Annie Sloan Antibes with clear wax I sanded and restained the wood top and two toned with white

My inspirations are sometimes a little elegant, sometimes fluffy sometimes stark plain and simple and sometimes rustic sometimes french sometimes american country sometime spanish  I just open my eyes and my heart and something will speak to me and I will incorporate it somehow into my life.....this picture was a major inspiration

As was this

 We added some chippy doors on the back wall for interest and to be able to hang things from..... I am curious do you see/feel the inspirations in my space??

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