Farmhouse Romance inspiration Late at night

Does anyone else get inspiration at like 10 pm,and stay up all hours with just an incredible energy even though one knows they should go get some shuteye???  Such a thing happened to me last night.  This is how it started:

 I had been working all day getting closets cleaned and garage sale ready for weekend after next. My daughter whom I woke up at 6:30 a.m., and got ready yesterday for school to remember as we were walking out the door that it was "not a school day", talked me into taking a break from cleaning (not hard to do) and going to hobby lobby. Abby is 6 and very crafty, extremely crafty, she gives me ideas all the time.

So she gets excited and wants to decorate the antique bird cage, she picked everything out and came home and placed it in the cage, I helped hold the little door open and stuff in the big bird. She said our sewing room is just like a castle from the old days now.....(we are painting this week with my sister!)

The little bird is the one that Elyse sent and the rest of the decor she got from Hobby Lobby, paper flower is made out of old sewing patterns and was already on the birdcage when purchased.  Abby placed the birds to watch over the eggs in their nest.
Throughout the evening I started noticing how much brown, cream,  and white with different textures we had around the house, it was everywhere I went, now don't get me wrong I have a painted red wall at the end of my hall with an old world ironwork mirror, the hall leading to it is gold/yellow.  I am a big fan of color but I am electic and can appreciate lack of color as well in order to experience the textures, these colors or lack of to me speak romance, serenity, peace.
backsplash in kitchen
Tile in guest bath
some of Alice's buttons in an old milk jug (company was "Hicks")
There are 63handles like this throughout my house, they were 1970's gold plated but have the prettiest stones with cream and brown speckles inset so I painted them oil rubbed bronze, when I got a quote of almost $800 dollars to get new ones throughout house that were just stock and not as detailed as these( cleaner 2.00 ,2 cans paint 6.56), painting these also made the cabinets not look 30 years old  anymore, these are solid wood cabinets throughout, so I just bee's waxed and polished those up and saved another 30,000 throughout the house on cabinet renovations.......

Old mason jar with paper sewing pattern flowers

Antique picture hanging in sewing area
Sewing Journal
With cleaning most the day and not getting to create and then all evening my eyes filled with these colors or lack of, and my creative process started and after everyone was nestled quietly I went to the sewing room and played with my large amount (I am a quilter so I have got to have some muslin around) Cream muslin, tea stained muslin, brown linen, all different shades and textures of vintage trimmings, and a pillowcase and this is what I was inspired to do, she is all cut and ironed and pinned but I did not want to wake anyone with sewing machine at midnight.........So this is todays fun!
she is going to be "farmhouse romance"
How many of you have stayed up late working on something so feverently  that you just plain feel like you need no sleep??    I could really use a quad grande cafe americano!!!.......hey that is browns, and creams too...........

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