French Linen Chalk Paint YUM!/is the Annie Sloan wax worth it??

My recent trip to Smitten on my chalkpaint run lead me to try the new "French Linen" color, I opened the can two nights ago and painted till the wee hours in my kitchen yes..........I have painting going on in my kitchen..........but I have painted mirrors, smalls, end tables, chair, large end table and have more than a quarter can left.  Here are the "unstaged" pictures of french linen before distressing and waxing

Mirror and Smalls were painted in French Linen and then dry brushed with old white, I love this combo!
Table was done in old white

Early American Chair and large Queen Anne side table done in Annie Sloan French Linen

A couple of French Provencial Night Stands done in French Linen

So I also painted an old mirror for a friend I neglected to get a picture of using French Linen that she has already taken to her shop and I still have enough of the quart left to paint another medium piece of furniture!

Is the Annie Sloan Wax worth it???

Bri wax 17.99
Annie Sloan Wax 24.99

hmmmm so at first I got Bri wax, the only "pro" is that it is cheaper and that there is a lighter brown color

Smells very very strongly of chemical, burns hands and I am unable to use inside as the house stinks for hours even with a fan blowing. 

Annie Sloan
No smell I can use it in my kitchen, I can get it on my skin and no reaction. 

Cost, and the dark wax is a little too dark at times but can be mixed with the clear to make a lighter brown

Would I buy bri wax or Annie Sloan wax next time

Annie Sloan Wax hands down!!!  For as much furniture as I do the concerns of the VOC's, burning hands, need to wear gloves  and I like the workability and the finish of the Annie Sloan Wax much better

Hope this helps anyone who was curious about the waxes or the new French Linen Color

All the painted items will be available in my "Shantygirl" space at
Uniques Gallery
Roanoke Texas

Have a Wonderful Tuesday!


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