French Mirrors-Guest Blogger Mari - Design Shuffle

Today I have a guest blogger Mari from Design Shuffle, I love guest bloggers and I adore her post, I jumped on the chance to have her over at my blog while I was still painting my home.  I find her post very design inspiring!  I hope you enjoy and stop by their site!

Hi! I'm Mari, a guest blogger for Design Shuffle, a fantastic online gathering place for designers and design enthusiasts from around the world. My job is to gather inspiring interior design images and share them in blog posts for readers like you. Today, we're sharing rooms with magnificent mirrors. From the living room to the bath, large mirrors add drama to interior spaces by reflecting and amplifying the beauty that surrounds them. Thanks to Shanty Girl for letting me share today! Please enjoy these eight favorites.

Magnificent Mirrors

French apartment style anyone? How better to reflect the amazing architectural detailing in this tall white space than with a massive mirror hung above the fireplace?

Magnificent Mirrors

A bit less grand, but ever so appealing is this mirror-topped fireplace. A sparkly chandelier and white painted wood flooring are perfect additions as is the crisp white upholstery on the sofa.

Magnificent Mirrors

Does anything have more French design appeal than antique architectural elements? This salvaged door has been given a new sense of purpose as a magnificent mirror.

Magnificent Mirrors

We've fallen for this stunning mirror encrusted version of a magnificent mirror. Lovely in this eclectic setting, it would also be gorgeous in a foyer or above the fireplace in a shabby chic living room.

Magnificent Mirrors

An oversized antique mirror looks lovely in just about any eclectic interior design. This one reflects a contemporary bath with shabby and ornate elements.

Magnificent Mirrors

This tall ornately framed mirror would be right at home in a French or shabby chic space. It's perfectly suited for leaning against the wall, not traditionally hung.

Magnificent Mirrors

Mirrors don't have to be tall and richly framed to be magnificent. These large convex round antiques are high on the magnificence scale and provide great living room ideas.

Magnificent Mirrors

Have visions of the ultimate in glam bathroom designs? We don't think you'll be able to resist this magnificent mirror in a glamorous setting that includes a mirrored soaking tub and sparkling chandelier. How beautiful is this feminine space? Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8


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