French Ranch? A victorian Mantle and patina on china hutches

I went yesterday to Springtown Texas and we saw many affordable pieces of land build sites where horses would be just really got me to looking on pinterest to what home I would like to if given the opportunity to build.

I sway back and forth between French Rock/stone Farmhouse Acadian styles and the American Frame Farmhouse in our area of Texas most houses being built are Brick with mixed stone so the Rustic stone/brick would fit better and have alot less maintenance, Since we are just playing with the idea of building and may not even make a move I just wanted to go on pinterest and see images that really inspire me

 A home like this would fit in with all the European style homes Being built in Texas, pink flowers would thrive in the texas sun
 Blue shutters get me everytime I have a plethora of blue shutter  pics pinned on my interest
 This would be a dream come true........on say five acres of sandy loam with round pen and access to some trails.........

It would take alot of looking, saving and planning to make a move from where we are at .....the main reason to move would be horse facilities/and a large shop for my husband both of which we do not have room for at current location...

Until a decision is made I will continue to make my 1979 Ranch Style home on almost an acre be our dream home.  Projects I did this week brought a few discussions on to paint brick or not to paint brick.  I had never even contemplated painting the brick on my fireplace area, I like contrast and a rustic look balance out with glamour but this image of whitewash brick is beautiful
 I also love the contrast of natural exposed brick like the imagae below

My project this week was finally painting a victorian late 1800's mantle for my living area

 Awaiting a piece of bevelled mirror to complete the mantle
Mantle as I was starting  (the orange ceiling is going away this afternoon as I and family finish this project!)

After painting Mantle with Annie Sloan Old Ochre/WHite and using gold guild it made the flanking hutches just a little boring to me.....too much stark white in room so I created patina using French Canvas and a light whisper gray this time I used just a really good latex flat paint from lowes as that is what I had on worked wonderfully

Shantygirl is my name and heavy distress is my game......

I really like the look of the two tone grey and white and distress over just plain white, there is alot of other plain white in the room

So Next week I hope to have the finishing touches, no more orange, and chandy's hung,  and of course this winters quilting and pillow sewing will add alot of softer edges to the leather, I am starting to see the French/Ranch look that I have been dreaming of.....I will put family pictures in frames in the china hutches.  A few more blues and purples around and sprinkle with pink roses

 Some lavender and crocks that I have collected will compliment the look and add the right texture I am looking for
 Morning light coming through the room gave me the peaceful easy laid back feeling that I am looking to achieve
Chandy's I am working with to hang around house these were all either free or bought at a very low price......gotta love junkie... I know I know leather is a bit masculine, we are just not a slip cover friendly family I would be washing daily around here...  I dreamed of these couches and finally got them thirteen years ago they are worn in just right still look wonderful and so easy to care for that well I will keep them incorporated into my rustic french/Ranch look

Gramma's Antique Figurines were always  my favorite heirlooms along with her purple english water vase and bowl and latrine set....and I display these happily in my space
The colors/patina on the figurines were the inspiration for the colors on the mantle

I also used Annie Sloan's French Linen and Ochre and am putting the finishing touches on a curio that will house all Mine and My Mothers/Great Grandmothers and Grandmothers Figurines some go as far back as 1890! Some were bought in last ten years by hubby for me I love adding little shabby romantic touches to the French/Ranch style as well

Well thanks for glimpsing at my space

I hope you come back to see the reveal, my son and I worked on a ton of furniture this week for my antique retail space and will share that later in the week.

I will be linking to Miss Mustardseeds Furniture Feature Friday come see all the inspiration!s

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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