Getting my own room at Uniques Gallery!

There will be a slight delay with my moving into my second location, but for a very good reason.  I was going to be sharing a part of the open floor with the owner, whom has had so many inquiries from vendors that she  has decided to lease the building next to her and cut a door and ajoin her space and dealer space.  She gave me the option to go ahead and move in or check out the space next door, when I found a cute beautifully tiled room that I could call my own for the same size space, same  rent I opted to rent that and wait until the 15th, I know some people like large open spaces, I am one that loves to make a space/area my own!  I am beyond thrilled to wait until the 15th.

Sally Stich will be in my new space at Uniques Gallery and she can't wait to move in!, Shantygirl (mannequins) will still hang out at Pickers Point

So for those of you that have received my business card with both locations, Please go ahead and visit Yoly at Uniques Gallery however I will not be in my space until September 15th.

I hate it when you all most finish something........I mean down to the finishing touches......and you run out of paint.....It would not be so bad if this was just any paint, paint you could run to the corner and get but I ran out of Annie Sloans Provence to finish this antique curio...............I mean I used every last drop and just could not get er done.........and well it is a wait for shipping or 1.5 hour drive during a busy time. Is it worth it  YES will I make the drive YES, will I finish this curio and put in my new location?  Yes!

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! 


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