Glamourous rust

Yesterday we drove about an hour away to a swapmeet that was more of a He Man flea market.  Everything the guys on American pickers would go nuts over.  There was row upon row, we walked for 4 hours and only covered one third of this thing. 

Now there were some wonderful restored cars to look at and that was glamorous but for  the most part we were sorting through rust..... I did come home with a wagon load and will be repurposing a few things for my home and then listing some smalls in my shop here are just a few photo's of the show. I will list more this week as I repurpose things, and I still have antique circa 1920's porcelain koken barber chair photo's to show soon!

While there were many completely restored Vintage Vehicles for sale, I love this! It was a traveling produce market

I just thought this would be the funnest thing to have (dreaming) it was in the 30,000 cash range......lalalala

little piece of texas history

and miles upon miles of rust!

For industrial folks there were many items that would work just heavy nothing I could put in my shop,
I saw many milk crates with milk bottles for very fair prices, wood tool boxes, the list goes on.
I did come home with a few items here are just a couple of things I am putting in my store
and more listings through the week.

I found a very rusty document box with family paperwork from 1906-1961
contains house deed, letters of recommmendation, house payment receipts, tax receipts
old warranties etc.

I thought someone may used this on a desk or for mixed media art work

Circa 1940 measuring tin

I have had so much fun looking for antiques and I am jumping back in the sewing studio to produce some spring bags, aprons and I have a few other ideas!

Have a wonderful day!

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