Glamourous Shabby Chic Julia Marries Industrial Chic Dr. Joe

I finished my little 1950's Dr. Examing chair that was made for surgeons to use at the hospital. 2.00 find........
And I introduced my totally Industrial chic chair (Dr. Joe) to (Julia) Shabby chic glamour vintage sewing table pre early 1900's  you can see alot of pictures of her on my hgtv link on the sidebar and also there are archives where I found her, her story etc.   This was a match made in was an unlikely match after all they are from two complete different era's but Dr. Joe balanced out  Miss Julia's fru fru shabby elegance right away of course now Julia does not mind if Joe Strolls over to sit under

Maggie, my new/old farmhouse table.....
I have to be honest I have been looking at this table for 6 months one of my first post on my blog was wether or not to add this table to the sewing room aka Shantygirl studio, then I got a french drop leaf but that is working perfectly in my sunroom behind my shabby chic inspired L section, then I put in a french china cabinet but I found a matching china cabinet and am painting and flanking a fireplace to look like vintage chic built ins. (hutch is out of layaway but needs tv hung so I can set in it's proper spot) so when I saw the antique shop still had this and that it was a lower price than before (-$40.00) and it had been waiting for me all this time........ well .it was totally meant to be.......

The other stool was found in the same barn as dr. Joe and was 3.00 because she was a little newer like 70's daughter can stroll this back and forth from her sewing desk to the inspiration craft table it is a pearl/bone faux leather. I have several old frames and will paint and put with this architecture piece to make
my Inspiration area and hang all the articles, cloth colors etc that inspire me
kinda of like this.........

Maggie is one of those hard to find pieces with the original perfect color of blue patina chipping in natural place, black and white enamel top with just the right amound of wear........., she will be a forever keep!
And my hubby called me yesterday and said I am at a antique shop and there is an old mannequin for .........well it was such a good deal and he was willing to bring her home so now I have a plethora of cheap vintage mannequins, I think I will use all of them especially when I start doing farmers market or shows in the area for my handmade designs.

Sally is from 1959
All I could find on her was an ad where you could fill out a form and preorder her by mail for a 4.95 deposit.
I simply cannot turn down a cheap vintage mannequin that hubby is willing to bring home. He is so sweet and is starting to get an eye for my RA meets industrail chic glamour and rust look and seeing things out on the road and calling me........He is awesome! 
My sweetie said the lady in the antique store was curious what I was going to do with it. He jokingly told her
I did not have any friends so he buys me mannequins..............hahaha...I do visit friends for coffee and am on some committees etc..........just a little bit of a homebody..........

Sally is a 1959 model

So Here is my medical chair before

sanitized and took of seat this baby was a bit grubby after sitting in a barn for years after
being used in medical facility
I added a little more stuffing in places it was worn, put a piece of painters tarp to hold that in and then covered with faux leather using a staple gun I did trim it up and put back on chair

The new white makes the older area look is two toned but clean and the detail on the
other unripped leather was just to cool to take off!

So what do you think of my 2.00 industrial chic medical examing rolling, telescoping chair...? 4.00 for material to cover total  6.00

That really was one heck of a barn sale! INDUSTRIAL TELESCOPING tray/table
TO BE REVEALED WITH  MY completed Rachel Ashwell/parisian inspired SUNROOM! (STILL WORKING ON IT) I did have a sneak peek the other day and is in the archives! Some of the walls are being torn and replaced possibly a bead board ceiling.......looking for a little chandy.........thie is a DIY with hubby and I so it will take a week or two more........

Have a wonderful week and remember to take a second look at that rusty ole junky looking 2.00 chair that someone is probably ready to throw away........Glamourous Rust!


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