Growing Salsa

When Melvin and I first got married we planted a garden for a couple of years.  It has been quite sometime but after being in Oklahoma with Nieces and Nephews and seeing their gardens we were inspired to plant today.  I sure do miss Salsa, Fried Green Tomatoes, Zuchini Bread, the planting and picking are very therapeutic and I know my Abbigail will gain knowledge and a better love for fresh veggies and she will love to watch it grow

My husband tilled a nice spot up on the hill, this was a good reason for him to  be able and go get equiptment........he loves his new tiller.

So He tills and I just start happily popping plants in the ground eyeing a straight row.....oh no no no
Evidently my hubby has had years of planting as a child, he breaks out markers steaks, line, there is geometry involved in this...............really??  Ok so we did it his way and I am sure it is much straighter etc. but dang I love freehand, free style........
Regardless of our different planting styles we had a blast both on our knees in dirt laughing and planting and feeling fresh air, I dreaming of all the fried green tomatoes I was going to eat.. all the salsa I was going to make, we planted alot of Jalapeno's, Squash, tomatoes, okra,watermelon, cucumbers.  I have an awesome pickled Okra recipe and I will attempt to get a much talked about Spaghetti Sauce recipe to can from My niece Melissa.  This picture was at the end of the day as we were putting up our tools and looking at our neatly planted garden.....I felt close to my maker from hands touching soil and the beauty of the sky.

Tomorrow I will be planting Hydrangeas my style!!  Eyeing it in my flower bed the flower beds are my domain!!.  I was looking for large blue hydrangeas and the garden man said to simply take purple hydrangeas and feed the azeala food and they will turn that beautiful blue I am looking for

Sounds like an experiment to me I will letcha know how that turns out!  If not I have pretty lavender colored ones!

Hmm I have not painted for a couple of days, but will very soon!

Hope no matter what you are going through or what life has in store that you stop and take the time to enjoy and become closer to nature it sure is cleansing! 
(written as I look down at mudstains allover my jeans)


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