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Today I would like to Introduce my guest blogger Jennifer from Arcadian Home Decor. Jennifer Thanks so much it is always fun to have company!!

Hi all! I’m Jennifer and I write for Arcadian Home Decor, a site that chronicles the work of top interior designers and home decor trends around the world. I've been writing about home decor since graduating university and have loved it ever since. I'm addicted to patterned fabrics, Jonathan Adler, chaise lounges, old doors, milk glass jars, and chandeliers. I think if Sherry Hicks of Shantygirl and I lived in the same city we'd be great friends, as we both enjoy shabby chic interiors, scouring flea markets and antique shops, sewing, and more. I hope her readers enjoy this guest post on vintage doors.

Antiques are always great for home accessories, and wonderful conversation pieces come in the form of vintage doors. Used as a gateway between stylish spaces or even as something completely unusual, such as a wall hanging or headboard, vintage doors become works of art in and of themselves. Here are eight vintage doors to swoon over.

The tabletop

Vintage Doors
Mozaik Decor via
Guests will do a double-take when they sit around this unique coffee table fashioned out of an old wood door. The sparse table decorations give centre stage to the furniture.

Double-duty gems

Vintage Doors
Belle Vivir via
Once used as front doors, they can also pull double-duty as armoire doors in this relaxed living room.

Grace track

Vintage Doors via
A charming weathered door is put on a track to provide a sleek sliding entryway to a dated bathroom.

Pretty parlours

Vintage Doors
Willow Decor via
Once separating two parlour rooms, these narrow glass-paned vintage doors accentuate the shabby chic decor of this timber-frame home.

Stand-alone style

Vintage Doors
Atypical Type A via
A grey painted vintage door with an unusually high-placed doorknob acts like a piece of wall art when propped next to a chair and framed wall hangings.

Secret doorway

Vintage Doors
a beach cottage via
Like an entrance to a hidden room, this vintage door perched behind an antique vintage wingback chair is much like its own piece of furniture.

Heavenly headboard

Vintage Doors
houzz via
Two vintage doors come together for one posh headboard, with a whitewashed look to match the weathered bureau.

Lovely latticework

Vintage Doors
looking for life, love & laughter via
These thin vintage doors are warm and inviting in butter yellow, which matches the adjoining wall colour, while the latticework pattern gives this entry some much-needed texture.

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Thanks again Jennifer it sure was nice having a guest, if anyone else would like to guest blog sometime just send me an email!  I Hope all my readers enjoyed her lovely post and pictures.  The yellow doors are killing me!!!

I also wanted to inform my blog friends and customers that my Shantygirl Antique business is growing.  I officially signed lease for second location and will be joining Yoly Alvarez as a vendor in her beautiful upscale Uniques Gallery at 824 North Highway 377, Roanoke TX.    Yoly is looking for a small group of quality antique dealers who put together their spaces with a decorators touch. When I walked into Yoly's showroom on a 104 temp day and it was nice and cool, coffee brewing for customers, hip music softly playing, beautiful shade of yellow walls, clothing, dressing room, garden area, well she had me at Hello!!  Roanoke TX has been named the "Unique Dining Capitol of Texas" with over 40 restaraunts, a newTen thousand square foot retail pavillion "The Plaid Peacock" to open in October, several Antique stores, a new Waterpark and a complete town center being designed.......Well It is a good place to be!

I will remain at Pickers Point as well,  as our location there is doing great, and we will be having outdoor flea markets this fall!! Thanks so much to all the wonderful people who have supported Shantygirl and visited the "Chateau"!!   Both Antique Malls are just 5 miles away from eachother on the same road same side of road so if you don't see everything you need in one well, come on over to the other!!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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