Half Masq-

Today I was putting together some of my masquerade aprons (my baby's as they are my first original apron design), and I decided why not make some half ones so here is my first half masq.  I am having fun sewing in my room now that it seems like I am in a Parisian Flat. I have drawn up to more designs just sitting in here, it is opening the creative flow.  My origianl plan was Paris/Romantic Farmhouse mix but as it developed it turned more into Parisian Flat reveal soon, I am still completeing "Julia" although I did use her today and it feels great sewing at a 100 year old sewing table, I don't use a serger and sew the old fashioned way by ironing and folding under every seam no seems showing, I personally love doing things this way it takes more time, more material and more pressing , and more sewing  but I feel the quality of my work is worth it, and I just don't want another machine in my space.........I went to the store the other day and touched a beautiful apron but it was very flimsy, (very high profile store starts wtih an A) and one of the seams was coming lose already and there was very little material as they are mass sewn in shops.............I want to make my aprons to last and be in the antique booths generations from now! Sitting at Julia sewing and looking around my studio I am getting the feel of the way things used to be.  I am also planning some Vintage Style Baby items as I have a precious  Granddaughter little miss Ella Grace, her pic is on the right of my page....and she is inspiring me!!

Half Masquerade
Have a Blessed Day!

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