Have a Blessed Easter

Have a Blesses Easter! I hope everyone spends alot of time with their families and feels the peace of our Lord surround them.

Bunny Cake mom made for years I taught my daughter how to make it for the family potluck
tradition passed to one more girl!

Yesterday I found another surprise family heirloom...................hmmm I said that is a really old basket, opened basket hmmmmmmmm.....those are really old postcards...........wow hundreds and look at the dates and the names on the postcards are some of the same names on the family geneology tree and on the back of the old box of pictures...........

So I am reading each and every card and they are from 1909 and I think the collection stops around 1935 as that is when my Great Great Aunts Flora and Maggie pass just a year or two from eachother, there are letters to my Great Great Gramma and Grampa and invites to view the new 1935 Dodge etc....... Priceless and now I will get to know them a little better than just viewing a picture.

Easter Greeting card is postmarked 1909 and has a 1 cent stamp! All writing is in ink and quill
on all these letters/cards

Most letters and cards were sent to Flora and Maggie Thomas, My Great Great Aunts
They also had things of their parents in there which would be my Great Great Grans. I have many pictures as well and the stories are unfolding right in front of my eyes and being very interested in geneology and history this was a blessing from my ancestors to get me through this time.

This is the apple of my eye coloring eggs and getting ready for a big family hunt tomorrow.  We are attending a pot luck and egg hunt in Oklahoma with my hubby's Family it is always a really good time, Abby is so excited!

Blessings on this Easter Weekend to all!


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