Have you ever wanted to play in a public Fountain???

Well I have always dreamed of just kicking off the shoes throwing shyness to the wind, ignoring any city ordinances...........if there are any and simply just jumping in and playing in the fountain.

On our recent trip to California we spent a day shopping and dining and walking the streets of Ojai, Ojai is a beautiful farming community only about thirty minutes from the Ventura Beach area.

Me, Hubby, our daughters and Grandaughter had a wonderful day. We bought our little Ella  a Birthday gift for her first Birthday  at a really neat toy store in the hills and ate Mexican food, after that we went for a walk and stopped to play with the little ones at the park........oh no they had a fountain and well I am on vacation no one knows me here........and the girls were hot and..........

Me holding my grandaughter Ella, and Abby in pink dress
We all agreed that it would be okay to wade just A little bit and cool off, wouldn't hurt a thing

Ella was drawn to the fountain and needed a closer hands on view..........

She giggled laughed and splashed, perfect way to cool off on a hot day. If you are holding a cute baby no one thinks you are crazy......I hope......but we had a good day and I finally waded and played in a fountain in broad day light!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.....it sure is hot here in Texas. I painted last night and this morning and  I added alot of items and re-arranged my booth, it is good to be home doing what I love but I sure do miss my family and friends in California and well the weather was quite a bit cooler.....

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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