Hi Everyone just wanted to check in I have been so busy had family come to stay last week we had a blast, Musuems, Rainforest, build a bear, town center, lunches with the girls shopping, it was a blast.  And this week we have been looking at land out in the country.....we may we may not move who knows but we are looking at the idea....

PIctures from the week

 My Daughter Cassie Brabec whom is a photographer took pictures of Ella My grandaughter above in the ballet room, I think this is a real  "Heart Touching" photo!!  And below Abby daughter in the park I love her work she is still working on a disk of many more pictures I am so excited to see!

Ballet Room was a makeshift guest room for the week what a good air mattress and some shabby bedding will do for a room!!

My son and his Fiance Tasha had Cassie do their Engagement Photo's.....love it, we got to go see the wedding venue etc.  so excited that they are doing a barn venue, so prairie I will get to wear my boots so happy for them such a wonderful sweet couple!!!!  I am getting another daughter next summer YAY!!

Okay now business wise....after family left boohoo.........

I completed a hutch and took down to Shantygirl@ Lonestar

I love to two tone....and distress this hutch has my "French Canvas" but two toned with the lightest touch of grey done just like the two I have flanking my fireplace, many more furniture pieces almost done will show next week.

and one more family event.............
Abby is turning Nine Friday and we have a Trail Ride and sleep over party planned, that will keep me busy for a few more days  making rustic shabby chic gift baggies, getting bling for the girls to decorate horseshoes planning games,,,,,,,  and then Easter Sunday will be here the day after!

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Relaxing fulfilled Easter!!

Many more Projects to share next week!


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