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I have been an HGTV addict every since 2003 when  we moved into our 1979 Ranch home with  original  ugly , dirty carpeting, 1980's blue and pink drapes, splashes of blue and brown on walls for decor.........bathrooms were well 30 years old and tile was coming down..........wallpaper everywhere completely mismatched. But the house was custom built with quality bones, in a wonderful area, surrounding by 5 acre ranchettes, good school district, and had a beautiful pool and georgous almost acre lot so we bit. Every window in the house had a beautiful view, it just needed updated.

My family would watch the shows with me and then one day..........I just started ripping carpet, scraping popcorn ceilings.........different colors of paint were splashed on the wall so I could see how the light would hit.........I tore each room apart not the one room at a time situation that my husband would have preferred. 

The process of renovation our house took approx. 4 years as we did most of the work ourselves and paid for it as we went. We lived out of the master bedroom for awhile as we were walking on concrete and the dust quota was unreal.  We did this renovation with a budget and tried to keep several pieces that were original to the house intact as we felt it continue to give the house character.

I have even done one room again since then.........the cherry cola pink playroom has been renovated twice and is now a Parisian Flat Mom Cave and it is this room that I decided to upload first on HGTV's rate my space.  Throughout the next year as I find before and after pictures of our complete renovation I will upload other rooms on rate my space. I am so excited. Now I did some of these rooms way before I blogged so I was not that into taking before and afters but I do have some. And there are a couple of rooms I even want to spruce up just a little more as my style changes often!  I am adding a little Farmhouse Romance to the Ranch just a little more white and fru fru added to the rustic, I am going for a leather and lace look.

So Please go check out my first venture on  rate my space and if you are a member, go ahead rate it!!

Shanty Girl Rate my Space


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