I am still here

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of my blogging buddies who wrote me wonderful messages that did help heal my heart when dealing with the loss of my mother. I read each and everyone as they posted a comment and each one lifted my heart a little more. I have a couple of new followers I want to thank for following and I hope you enjoy my content when I get back to my normal "sherry".We had a beautiful service for my mother and a memorial service with the residents of the active senior community in wich she lived. Mom did so many things for other residents and for the community, each hug each wonderful story of what she had done, one in particular she helped a 40 year old mentally challenged woman learn to quilt and make a quilt to give to her mother, her mother said she had spoke very little and literally came alive when working with my mother. The outpour of love, flowers, plants, notes really did make a difference. It has been two weeks and three days and I have moved from how can I breathe or even live without my mom to actually seeing beauty in life and feeling peace.

I have thought over and over of what my first post would be and want to do a tribute to my mom but wanted to wait till I could be inspired with just the right post, just the right words. So this morning I felt you better just write and get it out, no pictures no art, just get it out.

Mom passed of natural causes in her home March 11th.  She was awakened by a friend at 8:17 whom called to tell her to watch the news of Japan sometime between that call wich her friend said she was cheerful and seemed fine. At 8:44 my mother called 911 and either fell on the phone or hung it up. Emergency services called back and since no one answered sent a police officer to her active senior apt building, officer knocked on door and left since no one opened door. No one else was contacted and at 4:00 my 7 year old and I went to check on mom as she did not answer the phone, I went in and noticed tv in moms bedroom on and felt something was wrong averted daughter to living area and proceeded to find mom on floor in bedroom she had been there for 8 hours. This is the second parent that I have found, I found my father 13 years ago we had been camping in Mexia and his truck was missing early one morning I saw his van on road and as I got closer there was a head on collision accident taking his life and that of a 30 year old man....... I have been very close to my parents they were a 2-3 day a week in my life as they helped me tremendously with my children and we had alot in common and they were also my friends. Mom had been garage saling and quilting just the week before and this was a complete shock.  Mom was taken by the lord immediately and was probably not alive when 911 called back as we feel she had a massive heart attack and there was evidence to coincide with her immediate passing as she had hurt herself going to the ground and there was no blood flow I thank the lord she did not lay there hearing the call and the knock and unable to respond.

I was in apt from 4-10 with 10 officers, emergency techs, detectives etc before the evening was complete. I was then informed that services had been called earlier and they knocked and left and I was in shock and completely upset that it was left to my daughter and I to go through further trauma that could have been prevented.  Again I do not feel it would have saved my mothers life but will save a life in the future by community awareness and a better protocol for seniors.

911 protocol in our town has now been changed to senior living just to the extent of if a 911 call comes in and hangs up the officer must contact apt. managers who will open door and contact emergency contact on file, that is the most I could fight to do other than community awareness. Our community has 40,000 people and they recieve 700+ hangup emergency calls a year and my mother is the 1 percent I was told that was an actual emergency they said they could not force entry to 700+ doors for 1 percent..........in the past most not all officers would alert management but it was a courtesy not a protocol, my officer just chose not to have the courtesy. It is now a protocol, signed agreement put in place. That is all My sister and I could do so far.....Community awareness is the next step.

Since there is only a 10 minute chance to make the difference if someone has a heart attack or is not breathing and police officers are not EMT's even if door was broken down he would not have all tools available and would still be calling emergency services..........I was told officers  have a kit in back of vehicle but do not always carry up to check on 911 hangups, I was told larger communities do not even send an officer out to check on hangup calls..........I was told that if the phone line was still opent he door would have been broken down no matter what the difference is it was a hangup.

Please know you counties 911 protocols and I was told to not rely on 911 by our police chief that all seniors living alone need life alert.  I probably need to contact life alert and give them this info for their senior awareness program.

I am packing and cleaning my mothers apt. with the help of aunt and sister and we donated everything that were not family heirlooms to be cherished.  My mother would love knowing her friends each had awesome pieces of furniture washer dryers etc now in their homes.

I am feeling better and can see decorating and sewing again as I hear my mother saying, don't stop your passions and please be happy I will be here with open arms when you are ready but live to the fullest, and then everytime I get sad the spring birds chirp and the roses are blooming or I can feel my parents in the wind blowing on my shoulders telling me to be strong to live and love to the fullest. I just feel meloncholy everytime I bring an antique or the plethora of awesome material that my mother had as she completed almost 200 baby quilts last year as head of the quilting group that made quilts for unwed mothers to be given at the  hospital.

So my sincere thanks again my blogging friends and I will be completed with the apt. this week and that will be when closure can start. I will be back next week I must create something and I must decorate and plant flowers and move forward. 

I have a couple request of things to  be sent a bag to complete for my 100th follower and my apologies as my life stood totally still for a couple of weeks and I will get those out as apt. is emptied and  cleaned.


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