Tinkered Treasures

History, I am a blogger newby.  I have been  planning a blog for a few months and got the nerve to start finally and  I have been posting for approx. 5 weeks with no followers and I keep thinking in my head  "if you build it they will come", all the while singing, sewing ,  and posting my day and checking out some other awesome bloggers that I really admire. I bought "Artful Blogger" magazine and read alot and started grabbing a few buttons here and there of the sites I really, really enjoy and reading their blogs, (very interesting and creative I must say),  so I decided to join a giveaway at a blog I loved and...........this morning with my coffee I logged on to my blog and what did I see??........comments,  real comments!!! And a couple of followers.............halleluah so I read the comments and    

I won! I won! I won!  Check it out!!!        http://tinkeredtreasures.blogspot.com/

Thanks Elyse! What a wonderful welcome into the world of blogging

These gifts will be special to me, I will put them in my sewing room that I am just now being able to inhabit, I ordered a really cute tea cup pin cushion from http://www.abushelandapeck.typepad.com/ as well and these will be my first "new"  items in my "new"  area  which I have waited for years to have,( after raising combination of 5 kids, and one still at home)  my studio was the kitchen table or coffee table.

My little one informed me that she was in 1st grade and was just too old for her little tikes kitchen set.   So after a few days of mourning her no longer being "little", I quickly moved her stuff  from  the really pink playroom and in the hall for a yard sale, put her barbie house in her bedroom, put my ironing board in the pink room, got a folding table from the trailer and sewed a temporary skirt on it to sew on with a piano bench for a seat and I am telling my self don't get stuck on being sad about her growing through stages, look to the fun in the next stage of life don't be sad....  then she says mom can I have half the room? So  our American Girl dolls...(yes one is mine...sorry I never had one as a kid and someone's got to play with her right???? that's my story and I am sticking too it!) got a corner and her still beloved calico critters reside in here.  (I had toy's just not the AG doll, these dolls are awesome!)

So far she does not play with the toys that she has kept  in this room. (she has toys in a perfectly purple bedroom as well) .........she picks up fabric cuts, pins and hand stitches dinasours, and makes 3D papercards, and every now and then picks up perfectly good yardage and cuts right down the middle..............ooops.......(this calls for patience and training on my part)  and we dance and twirl and sing. 

 I want to Thank you so much ladies for making me feel welcome to blogland!!  Hope to get to know everyone better!  And please check back as I will be sewing a "ShantyGirl"  bag for my  give away celebrating my venture into blogland and celebrating the opening of my Shantygirl etsy shop.  I am waiting for my sew in labels and to stock enough product hoping to have giveaway within 2 weeks, I can say the fabric matches Elyse's background on her blog and will be mixed with a darker brown French General Linen/cotton and will be washable and have some really cute trimmings,  I will post pics of fabric tomorrow.........

 Today.........pics of the really really pink room.....As I paint and buy items to decorate this room I will update.

Before Abby felt too "old" to play in here back in the day when we spent hours at end.........bohoo (It is really hard to take a pic in this room as it glows down the hall even and I should have bought a better camera before beginning a blog as all my pictures so far have been on the iphone.......)

So now I am going to show you some totally unstaged...undecorated...........unplanned photo's of what this room looks like in the transitioning stage...................This stage is completely temporary and photographed after I stayed up late sewing last night.........

My little makeshift table I pulled out of our camper that I positioned to look out the window. I used pink cupcake material to cover for now as  Caitlin and Lanie (American Girl Dolls) have to stare at it all day and their little cafe table is right next to it...........

Here is why I positioned it to look out the window........I don't know if you can tell but the people in the house across the street have a little personal pond big enough to boat in and the ducks are out there most of the day.

 Here's a side for Abby
And a spot for Caitlin and Lanie (notice how there is a vintage doily repurposed to put on old coca cola table my mom found at a thrift store, beats the price of the table at A.G......... I need to finish spray painting the table.  I also need to finish quilting the doll bedding on the bed mom got "For Free from a neighbor"

 I have pictures in my past post where I have found alot of items I would love to put in this room after I paint it, and I am going to go for a farm chic feel with a little french influence,  but  I am also leaving Abby some space to keep me company and I have a brand new Grandaughter that will want to come in here one day.......I have been scouting the shops- etsy and local antique malls I want all items vintage or handmade and not all made by me. I did have a Shabby Chic booth at an antique mall  10 years ago (I was "Whispering Walls"  Candlelit Halls, Doilies and Dolls") I refinished furniture and crocheted alot of barbie bed dolls and custom order doilies and of course scouted for old ones..... and I know how to finish my own furniture. So  if I find some cool yard sale items they may get painted....... not sure how it will go. I will post pics as I transform to the next stage.

Thanks again for the goodies, the comments, the welcomes.  I really appreciate it!!

Now I must go work on getting the garage sale ready  so I can carry in some awesome antiques for "our sewing room". 


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