If I were to get married again...................

To the same person of course, I love my baby!!!   But if we were to celebrate a special anniversary by remarrying and I was at my goal size, well I would want to wear one of these dresses

I get Cowboys and Indians magazine as I love all things ranchy and rustic and there are usually wonderful interviews etc.  Reading my magazine took me to a wonderful website  of a Designer Marika Naak and here are some beautiful feminine dresses I wanted to share.

Rustic with a vintage feel and very feminine!

I may even like this one better I love the top!!
Could I make something like this?? ......

I love this dress as well, it is called Cowgirl Princess

I love the layers of different colors of lace, not unlike my farmhouse romance apron

This would be fun for another occasion!

Nice velvet blouse to wear with boots and jeans

Or a ruffled skirt in pink

This outfit is called Cinderella Rodeo, I just love it, but well where would you wear it, beach vacation somewhere???  I love the photography on this one.

Which one is your favorite???


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